I have prepared a personalized tour for you to see the best of Rome in just 3 days on foot.

So let’s get ready, to select the must-sees that we can’t miss in Rome, to plan itineraries for a Friday evening, a half day on Saturday (we will have occupied the rest of the day in a singing way!) and an almost full Sunday, until time to take the train again!

I agree with the itineraries that I have prepared with the places to see in 3 scarce days. Rome in three days, without having the presumption of making an exhaustive list. I know that visiting Rome is not enough 3 days, maybe not even double, maybe not even triple … But we have the opportunity to go there for a short time and decide it at the last; maybe other people will find themselves in this situation too, so I gladly share what I have prepared!

Strolling through the historic center of the city will in fact offer endless surprises!

You will be able to fully enjoy all the beauties of the capital, thus avoiding super-busy roads by cars and buses.

Did you wear comfortable shoes?

Let’s start!


Absolutely unmissable is a walk from the Colosseum along via dei Fori Imperiali to savor all the taste of ancient Rome: temples, basilicas, public buildings, arches, columns and of course the holes, the large squares built by the emperors.

Piazza Venezia and Vittoriano, Campidoglio

From Piazza Venezia with the gigantic Vittoriano, you can go up to the Campidoglio, one of the most elegant squares in the city, designed by Michelangelo, offering two panoramic terraces with direct view of the archaeological area!

Largo di Torre Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina, famous for the sacred area formed by four temples of the Republican era, Roman remains among the oldest in the city.


Taking via dei Cestari, you will arrive at Bernini’s famous “chick” in Piazza della Minerva, just behind the Pantheon, the ancient Roman temple dedicated to all divinities, later transformed into a church dedicated to the Virgin.

Piazza Navona and Bernini’s Fountain

Last stop, the most famous baroque square in the world: Piazza Navona, where you can admire in all their splendor Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers and the Basilica of Sant’Agnese di Borromini.

if you have any suggestions on what to add, remove or modify, in my ‘What to see in Rome in no time’ itinerary, I would be very grateful if you wrote me in the comments below!

The 3-day photo gallery in Rome.

3 days are few to visit one of the cities that most represents the history of man. The light of the Roman Empire resounds in his works, as well as the Risorgimento and the Renaissance up to the present day.

A nice journey that no one can miss.


  1. Hallo Michael, ich liebe Rom. Es ist meine gemeinsame Lieblingsstadt in Paris.
    Als ich diesen Beitrag las, erinnerte er mich an die Zeit vor Jahren, als ich das erste Mal in Rom war. Eine einzigartige Emotion, genau wie die, die Sie vermitteln.
    Es würde Monate dauern, Rom zu sehen, aber für mich reicht es heute aus, nur mit meinem Gedächtnis zu reisen.
    Vielen Dank, dass Sie Ihre Reise mit uns teilen.
    Wunderbar! Nochmals vielen Dank.
    Lorenz von der L

    1. Thank you very much Lorenzo.
      I am happy and satisfied that this post has excited and inspired you. I am convinced that you will soon return to Rome for a dream holiday.
      A warm greeting
      Michael E.

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