Discovering the most peaceful and hidden islands of Greece:

Greece has about 227 inhabited islands and beauty is shared equally between them. Deciding which one to visit is the hardest part, as each has something special to offer:

  •         Folegandros
  •         Milos and Hydra
  •         Andros and Paros
  •         Naxos and Amorgos

When you think of the Greek islands, the thought immediately goes to Santorini and Mykonos; even these islands are deservedly popular, they are by no means the only beautiful islands. Here then are the most beautiful and peaceful islands of Greece.

Greece islands


Folegandros is Greece’s best kept secret, although in recent years this island has been gaining more and more popularity among tourists. There is something fascinating and romantic about this peaceful Cycladic island: located an hour from Santorini, Folegandros has a similar scenario and a breathtaking sunset.

But this island does not have an airport, which is why it is not crowded; therefore, it is possible to enjoy simple pleasures, solitude and elegant accommodation.

Milos and Hydra

Another emerging destination in the Cyclades is Milos and its lunar landscape. Formed thanks to volcanic activity and rather unique in its appearance, it offers a perfect scenario for photographers.

The beaches here have nothing to envy to the Caribbean ones and natural wonders are complemented by colorful houses on the sea, known as Assýrmata, which are also used to store fishing boats during the winter.

For its beauty, Hydra, which is also written Hydra or Ydra, is considered among the most beautiful islands of those near Athens; moreover, being close enough to the Greek capital, it is possible to visit it in one day.

But the real peculiarity of this island is that vehicles are not allowed, so tourists can enjoy a relaxing holiday without the traffic of modern life.

The port is one of the most beautiful in all Greece.

Hydra is also known for its bohemian associations; in fact, the island has hosted many writers, poets, artists and directors over the years. After all, there is not much to see or do because of the lack of roads, but the main city is a yachting paradise and comes alive with many parties in the summer.

Andros and Paros

Another island a short distance from Athens is Andros, which, however, has been protected from mass tourism by its wealthy landowners. However, today the Cycladic island is slowly establishing itself as the main destination for ecotourism, wellness, hiking and art.

Here there is a hiking trail that crosses the whole island, where you can admire the art galleries active in its beautiful neoclassical capital and a series of fantastic beaches.

The dense dark vegetation gives the light a special quality on Andros, as well as the tinkling of the numerous rivers and coves of the island.

Paros seems to be the Cycladic island par excellence with its turquoise seas, cool beaches and sparkling white buildings made of local marble; it also houses some of the most picturesque coastal villages in Greece.

For these reasons, its reputation as “New Mykonos” is becoming increasingly popular. The narrow streets quickly fill with boho shops, boutiques, hotels and nightlife.

Naxos and Amorgos

Naxos is not far from Paros, but offers a distinctly different atmosphere from the rest of the Cycladic islands. Its charming capital incorporates Venetian styles and has a surprisingly beautiful beach.

It also offers beautiful places in the hinterland: the views from Mount Zeus, the historic mountain villages, the ancient temples and the verdant mountains.

We dare say that it is the best Greek island for sandy beaches, but with all this Naxos has never been overcrowded.

With its rugged rocky scenery and typical whitewashed architecture, the mysterious Amorgos has everything a tourist expects from an island in the Cyclades. But as it is one of the most remote islands in Greece, it attracts independent travelers, hippies and free spirits. It also has a wreck beach to compete with the famous Zakynthos Navagio.


The almost uninhabited island is the last paradise of Greece

The small Greek island of Arkoi is the ideal place to find some relaxation away from the crowd of tourists

The small island of Arkoi (this is its Greek name, but it is also known as Akri) is one of the least populated places in the Aegean, and perhaps for this reason it is an absolute gem to explore. Being off the traditional tourist routes, it is still an unspoiled destination, where you can savor the true essence of Greece. Of course, there are not many attractions, but many beauties to be discovered.

Arkoi is part of the Dodecanese archipelago, a group of beautiful islands located in the Aegean Sea, not far from the coast of Turkey. It is among the smallest and least populous in the area, with just fifty inhabitants.
Despite its small size – it is only 7 square km in size – it is a very fascinating place full of natural surprises that are just waiting to be discovered.


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