French Antilles, Caribbean: where they are, when to go and what to see

French Antilles, Caribbean: where they are (map) and when to go to find the best climate. Here is info and advice on which island to choose, what to do and how much a holiday costs

The French Antilles are Caribbean islands that are part of the large group of the Antilles and more precisely of the Lesser Antilles. These islands differ from all the others due to their territorial belonging to France. To be exact they are: Guadeloupe with all its archipelago, Martinique, Saint-Barthèlemy, Saint-Martin.
Let’s get to know them better through useful information for a possible trip!

The French Antilles, as already mentioned, are a sub-group of Caribbean islands. They are placed between two seas delimiting the border between one and the other, the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. As you can imagine from their name they are French overseas territories, so politically they are part of France.

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

Climate: The climate is tropical, warm all year round in each island of the group with a dry and a wet season. Average temperatures are always high and between 25 ° C and 30 ° C, with a relatively dry and cooler season from January to April, and a more humid and sultry season from June to November. The sea remains pleasantly warm at all times.
Best period: From January to April it is the least rainy period, and in particular the months of February and March.
Period to avoid: From June to November it is the period in which there are more rains, sultriness and there is a high probability that cyclones and hurricanes hit the islands, with the risk peak in August-October.
Advice: Light clothes and accessories for the sea are good all year round, but without neglecting an umbrella and a light and waterproof sweatshirt for rainy days.

When to go? Info on climate and best time

The French Antilles consist of 4 main islands plus the islands of the archipelago of Guadeloupe. We have chosen for you the 3 main islands for a Caribbean vacation.

Guadeloupe: it is the largest among the French Antilles, the most urban and tourist, consequently the most developed and equipped for visitors. All this together with its beautiful tropical beaches is the perfect compromise for those looking for a holiday in a wonderful place not to miss anything.

Martinique: It is a perfect island for lovers of nature and tranquility thanks to its unspoiled landscapes, it is also ideal for a holiday at more affordable prices. The days on the beaches of this beautiful island will make you feel in the middle of nowhere making you feel a great sense of peace.
Saint-Martin: It is a very small island compared to the previous ones but the most particular. Its territory is divided between France and Holland so, if you are a lover of the discovery of world cultures, this island will be a paradise for you because you will discover the Creole culture marked by the French and Dutch European customs.

7 things to see: beaches and places of interest

Guadalupe National Park

Guadalupe National Park, a large park of 17,300 hectares which includes the Le Grande Soufrière volcanic complex and 110-meter high waterfalls such as Les chutes du Carbet.

Pointe de la Grande Vigie

Pointe de la Grande Vigie, the most beautiful viewpoint of the whole island of Guadeloupe from which you have a fantastic view of the Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. A panorama definitely not to be missed!

Plage Du Gosier

Plage Du Gosier, a typically Caribbean beach with fine white sand, turquoise water and large palm trees. It is located south-east on the island of Guadeloupe and is one of the most beautiful on the island.

La Pelèe

La Pelèe, is a volcano in Martinique almost 1,400 meters high located in the north of the island. Admiring it in all its majesty will make you feel really small.

Anse Noire

Anse Noire, is a cove on the west coast of Martinique that offers one of the many natural and unspoiled beaches of the island. The peculiarity of this place is the dark, almost black sand, adorned with large palm trees and rich vegetation.

Baie de Marigot

Baie de Marigot, is the bay that extends in front of the main city of the island of Saint-Martin. This is the most touristic area and best served by the French part of the island, and numerous ferries connecting with other

Caribbean islands depart from the bay.

Caribbean islands depart from the bay.
Happy Bay Beach, a small beach in the north of the island of Saint-Martin completely deserted and unspoiled. It is the typical Caribbean beach made of white sand and crystal clear sea, where you can enjoy long days of peace.

How much does a vacation in the French Antilles cost? Prices, offers and advice

The costs and prices of the French Antilles have European standards, you will practically feel like you are in France! If you have visited France you already know that the cost of living is slightly high but the services offered are excellent, so in the Antilles it will not be very different. An example can be a dinner in a local mid-range restaurant for € 30.00 per person.
As for a complete trip for a week in an all inclusive resort, then a flight + hotel package, the price is around € 1,800.00.

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