Michael Johnson
Founder, Traveler, Writer, Project Manager, Photographer

I work as a Project Manager, but my passion is traveling. That's why I created Will To Fly. Today I am joined by several travelers, each with their own peculiarities and characteristics. My goal is to bring interesting experiences to people like me who love travel in all its parts.

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Sophie Okelly
traveler, writer, photographer, columnist

I have a degree in Civil Engineering, but my dream was to travel. I love art, history, and everything that holds value. For me traveling is a mission. I always prepare everything carefully and try to plan every single stage of the journey. I write about my experiences on Will To Fly. I hope they are of interest to you.

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Charlotte Miller
Turistrel, Marketer, Blogger, Copywriter

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I was born in Canada and have been to over 40 countries. Energetic and extremely fun, I'm not a traveler, I'm a touristrel (Tourist on a working holiday). "I'll follow the sun Don't stop, you have to move". I'm a marketer, copywriter and blogger, but my real job is the travel.

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We start each departure with a good coffee or cappuccino.

Wake up at dawn and start ... the journey begins.
The new destination has already been chosen and now it does not remain to start.
Shifts of all kinds, by plane, car, bicycle, scooter, public transport ... Every journey has its karma and its needs. Let's start!

New York by Night

What to do in the evening in New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, the American metropolis where everything is possible and where everyone can find something fun to do.
You can't come here and not even live the hours that follow the sunset: all kinds of restaurants, roof tops for aperitifs or dancing until late at night, theaters to attend concerts or musicals.
Here is a review of the best things to do and see in the evening in New York City! 1 - Admire the Skyline empire ...
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French Antilles, Caribbean: where they are, when to go and what to see

French Antilles, Caribbean: where they are (map) and when to go to find the best climate. Here is info and advice on which island to choose, what to do and how much a holiday costs The French Antilles are Caribbean islands that are part of the large group of the Antilles and more precisely of the Lesser Antilles. These islands differ from all the others due to their territorial belonging to France. To be exact they are: Guadeloupe with all ...
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Safari in South Africa: when and where to go

With 300 National Parks and Reserves, South Africa offers endless safari experiences: from those in the richest savannah to the most desolate places. Obviously the vast location of the places offers different climates, depending also on the period; for this reason it is good to choose carefully the destination that best suits our needs. CLIMATE: In the meantime it is necessary to remember that the seasons are reversed compared to our northern hemisphere. That said, in Cape Town and on ...
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Everest Travellers

Tour in Tibet: Guide to organized tours in Tibet and Everest Base Camp

What documents do you need to travel to Tibet?
To enter Tibet legally you need a Chinese visa and a Tibet Entry Permit. Any decent travel agency can provide you with an invitation letter (so you don't have any problems when applying for a visa) and a Tibet Entry Permit. While the visa must be requested in person (better if in Italy), the agency will take care of obtaining Tibet Permit on your behalf. If you want to get to ...
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